Dia Sesenta // Day Sixty

29.02.2016 Monday (Leap Day)

As I sit and write the date, followed by a photo and a short description each day, I know that I will never post the same combination of numbers at the start of a post again. Today is a day that won’t occur again this year, in fact it won’t occur again until 2020.

The whole day I have been singing “what have you done today, to make you feel proud?” Although, it is a Monday, a work day and a Winter’s day (still!), today is like a bonus day and I couldn’t help but thinking I need to be proud of something today. 

I’m proud of a lot of things, mostly about my family and friends; their attitude to life, their ability to love abundantly, without judgement, and their unwavering capacity to make me laugh ensuring I just live life. However, there are some things about myself that I am proud of; although reluctant to share as the feeling of self-fulfilment or gratification (in my opinion) is intrinsic – 

I thought I’d post a picture of my window, I often leave it open just to stop and stare as it always reminds me of one of the things I am most proud of (I guess I have to share something today); leaving my home to live and work overseas, it’s only ever made me more grateful for the people, places and possessions I have.

I hope you enjoyed your ‘bonus’ day and did something to make you feel proud!


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