Dia Cincuenta y Uno // Day Fifty-One

20.02.2016 Saturday

This morning, I noticed two bottles of milk patiently waiting to be collected by their owner. The delivery of milk in glass bottles has become quite a rare sight over the years. Milk, and other goods, including eggs, cream and butter were part of a daily delivery to most houses by the local ‘milkman.’ These goods were delivered to houses frequently due to the lack of refrigeration both at the dairy farm and people’s houses. However, nowadays with the almost ubiquitous ownership of fridges and freezers in houses, alongside the improved packaging of items, the role of a ‘milkman’ has seemingly vanished. Therefore, I was very pleased to see these two bottles of milk waiting to be used on the morning coffee or bowl of cereal. They weren’t the only ones either, they had many other friends also waiting patiently at several houses along the street.

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