Dia Cuarenta y Nueve // Day Forty-Nine

18.02.2016 Thursday

This is SocialBite. Yesterday I had lunch here and this morning I chose to have breakfast here. I was instantly intrigued by the place and it’s desire to be a social business – one that does not seek to make a profit, rather it seeks to solve some of the city’s (and the world’s) social issues, including, but not limited to, homelessness and lack of job opportunities and it promotes the use of locally grown produce to support local farmers.

In addition to being a social business, SocialBite practices the art of ‘paying it forward’ or ‘suspended coffee’ and thus epitomises the meaning of working for others, not for profit. When I visited yesterday for lunch 89,250 products (coffee, soup, baguettes) had been donated which means that all of these products had been ‘suspended’ by someone like me who can afford to pay it forward. I liked this idea so much that I insisted on going back for breakfast today to not only feed myself but to provide a breakfast for someone else and to watch people less fortunate than myself show such gratitude when in an awkward position of having to ask if there was a free meal available. I was delighted to hear that there are four SocialBite cafes in Scotland and I would encourage anyone to pop in if passing by. If not in the area, then definitely check out what this business is about online.



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