Dia Cuarenta y Siete // Day Forty-Seven

16.02.2016 Tuesday

As you may have seen from yesterday’s photo of the day, I am in Edinburgh! I’ve never been to Scotland before so everything is new and exciting.

I wrote this blog whilst sitting in a lovely flat backing onto Holyrood (pronounced ho-li-ru-d) Palace Gardens. Now I know what you’re thinking; “a lot of fabled writers have produced some of their best work whilst taking inspiration from the culture, architecture and history of the world’s first City of Literature, Edinburgh.”I can safely say, this does not apply to me. Not that this city lacks inspiration in the many aforementioned forms by any means; more specifically, I don’t think I have the creativity or linguistic ‘way with words‘ that the likes of Sir Walter Scott and Robert Burns (a big round of applause for Mr Burns with his second appearance on unafotoaday, something people can only dream of achieving – see Day Twenty-Two), as well as more contemporary authors including Ian Rankin, the UK’s best-selling crime writer and J.K Rowling the author of the best-selling book series in history, Harry Potter. I’m not sure if that would inspire or utterly daunt an upcoming writer from this Celtic city.

I have only been in this city for a little more than 24 hours and it has already caught my attention and taken me by surprise. This morning I started the day by climbing Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcanic caldera that provides a great viewpoint over Edinburgh and the snow-capped Southern Lowlands further afield. When I visit a new city, town or village I always try to seek out a place from which I can view the whole area from a height. I think it allows you to see the landscape before winding your way through the streets, alleys and lanes on the ground. A good view of the city always starts a trip off well in my opinion. I have also visited the largest Scottish Whiskey collection, the Edinburgh Castle and I tried haggis for lunch – I quite liked it.

Today’s photo is the first panoramic photo I have included on this blog and it was the view that greeted me from the top of Arthur’s Seat, again, a metaphorical seat as there was no where to sit atop the craggy rock face. Nonetheless, I would recommend this climb/walk to anyone visiting Edinburgh, it should be high on the to-do list.

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