Dia Cuarenta y Dos // Day Forty-Two

11.02.2016 Thursday

I bought this card this evening as it caught my eye whilst looking for another card, for another occasion. The words really struck me as something put so simply could mean a lot more. I guess it depends on where you are at in your life or the circumstances your afforded (or may have been dealt) by the ‘thing’ that is life. I am so grateful for the friends I have both near and far and know that for the most part, they will always be a part of my life as much as I am a part of theirs. Only by meeting and talking with people of different ages, backgrounds, likes and dislikes, and of course travelling to new places and experiencing new things together with other people (my favourite thing to do) do you get to make a set of friends with whom are all different in their own way but with whom you  share that connection. There is not really a particular point in time when you can say “that person has qualified as a friend of mine.” I think that point comes gradually and occurs upon reflection of a time when you really struggled but you know matter of factly that that person was there to help you throughout; I would like to think I am that person to some people; the opportunity to help someone in a time of need (no matter how big or small) is always there, it’s whether or not you seize it.


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