Dia Treinta y Uno // Day Thirty-One

The Last Day of January 2016.

I learnt some things today. Mainly about cobblestone but also about other things too.

I took this photo in Hitchin tonight; it’s a cobblestoned street leading to the Town Square. This type of cobblestone is known as a ‘Sett’ and became the technological advancement to it’s predecessor, rounded cobblestones. A ‘Sett’ cobblestoned road inherited it’s name due to the fact that it is quite literally ‘set’ in mortar, or not as commonly seen today, sand. Some people believe that a disadvantage to cobblestoned roads, as opposed to tarmac, was the noise it used to make when horses and their carriages rolled over them. Nowadays, people view the noise of the cobblestones in a much more positive light. For instance, the noise a car makes when driving over cobblestoned roads is very useful, particularly for people who are blind or have a visual impairment, as became apparent to me today when I saw a partially blind man crossing the road. He stopped because his ‘white stick’ felt the cobbles, I believe he then listened for the sound of a car (I think this because he stood and continued to look straight ahead) he then proceeded to cross when it was safe. Total admiration ensued as I watched him continue on confidently to his destination.

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