Dia Veintinueve // Day Twenty-Nine

The Last Friday of January 2016

It had to be done at some point. The obligatory Starbucks photo that is so closely aligned with writing a blog. I don’t want to come across as a fan of ‘globalisation’ and ‘global corporate chains’ (I don’t think you can get much bigger than Starbucks though!), as I love, and willingly support, the brave people who take on their barista dreams and run a small business. I, myself would like to think that one day I could do the same if presented with an opportunity; not necessarily in the form of a coffee shop. Although, more often than not in these situations, you make your own opportunities and circumstances as there will rarely ever be a perfect moment in life that appears right in front of you.

In light of this, Starbucks was needed tonight. After a very long week that definitely wasn’t (and still isn’t) easy, this multi-million dollar company was the only one still open when I needed to just sit and stare out towards the town square. I have recently realised that I don’t ‘go for coffee’ for the coffee. I go because I like the relaxed atmosphere a coffee shop can provide, I enjoy the company of the people I go with (including myself) and it usually means that I would have had to of walked there; always a winning factor!

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