Dia Veintiseis  // Day Twenty-Six

Today is Tuesday the 26th of January or otherwise referred to as Australia Day.

 Australia Day marks the arrival of the first fleet of British ships to Australian shores in 1788. Australia marks this occasion by giving it’s citizens a day off! Need I mention that being an Australian citizen abroad does not grant you a day off unfortunately.
This photo does not share a correlation with Australia Day, aside from the fact that it was taken today. Unfortunately, I was without my car today and therefore had to catch the train to and from work. It is times like these that you not only realise it is difficult not having family close by who will kindly drop you somewhere or pick you up but you also realise the kindness of those around you, who were more than happy to pick me up from the station and drop me back there on the way home. For that, I’m thankful.

I must say that platform was eerily deserted this evening, I was glad the train wasn’t delayed!


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