Dia Ocho // Day Eight

It has been a week since the start of the daily photos accompanied by (what I like to think is) an informative caption or description. Today’s photo is brought to you by the ever-cosmopolitan city of Amsterdam. It’s a classic tourist photo but let’s be real, you would probably be annoyed if it hadn’t featured as ‘photo of the day,’ so it had to be done!

Last night I arrived in Amsterdam after a long-haul flight from Australia en route to my final destination (England), where the current temperature is 7•c and the local time is 11:48am.

          “Please ensure you are aware of the emergency exits within the aircraft of which may be behind you and your seatbelt is securely fastened, seat upright and window blind open for taxi, take-off and landing.”

I am fairly certain I could secure a job as an air hostess based on that rendition of the aircraft safety procedures speech. On a more ‘real world’ note, instead of my personal dream world, my overnight stay in Amsterdam has been brilliant. I would like to take a moment to recommend the hotel I stayed in, with it’s ultra-modern features that meant at one point last night I was able to control the lights, television, window blind, perfumed scent and the lock on the door from the control panel on the personalised iPad they give you for your stay. However, better than this sense of control, was the convenient location of the hotel. At a time when all you want to do is get to the hotel, have a shower and sleep off the imminent jet lag, the hotel was only a matter of minutes away from the first step off of the plane. Winning! CitizenM was the name of the hotel and if a short stopover between flights is needed then this place can provide the goods (a link can be found below).

To conclude, today is my last day as a mature, ‘got-my-life-together’ 23 year old. Today was a day I haven’t exactly been looking forward to for one reason or another (I’m not a big fan of ageing). Nevertheless, I am embracing the day, choosing to look at it as a day that I get to spend in a foreign country, a day that I get to see friends again and a day (although only halfway through) that has already provided inspiration in many forms. I believe I’ve said it before but travelling always inspires me in many aspects of my life, I also believe someone else once said “travelling is one of the only things you can buy that makes you richer,” despite making you want to spend all of your future wages on yet more travel experiences.

I thought I’d finish with a cool list of people and things who will also celebrate a birthday on the ninth day of January. I thought it was a cool list as I feel like sharing a birthday with the following people makes us twins and for anyone who knows me, you will know I love twins!

The nowhere near definitive list includes:

  • HRH Kate Middleton (my personal favourite)
  • Sean Paul
  • Paolo Nutini
  • Sergio Garcia
  • iTunes celebrates it’s 15th birthday tomorrow
  • Building of the Aswan Dam, Egypt began (1960)
  • The first iPhone was announced (2007)

Thanks for reading x

CitizenM Schipol Airport: https://www.citizenm.com/destinations/amsterdam/schiphol-airport-hotel


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