Dia Uno // Day One

I like to think that my parents gave myself and my brother the opportunities and experiences that travelling provides, they laid the foundations early and the metaphorical high rise building, that is a love of travel, has only continued to grow. I was fortunate enough to grow up travelling, I don’t mean this in a sense that we up and moved house several times (we only moved house once and that was within the suburb in which we lived!) I mean this in a sense that we explored different places around the world from a young age. We were forever back and forth between England and Australia and this meant unique stopovers in different countries along the way.

I struggle to understand those who do not leave their own country, not forever of course, but just for a short holiday. I understand that you can love your country immensely and I believe for those that do, they are lucky to have been born and live in a country so good to them and them to it; I know for certain that many people around the world aren’t that fortunate and envy the desirable love for one’s home nation. This is all well and good, however I believe that in order to appreciate your ‘home’ it is necessary to leave on certain occasions in order to explore other places only to return with a wider sense of all this Earth has to offer.

Travelling allows you to begin to understand how other’s live, how the world continues to revolve even when you aren’t travelling and reminds you that there is always a smell you’ve never smelt before, a word you’ve never heard spoken and there is undoubtedly always a view your eyes have never seen before.
This travel blog, the many that precede it and the many that shall follow, aren’t intended to show off the frequent stamps in passports, photography opportunities or to somehow demonstrate a picture of monetary wealth and create an image of jealousy. They are intended to educate, to inspire and to fulfil a love and yearning for seeking these new places and experiences on offer.

I haven’t set any New Years Resolutions this year, rather I like to think of it as a 2016 To Do List. I only have two things on my to do list, (let’s not be hasty and rush into things) and they are as follows:

  • Take 1 photo a day (of which will be posted on here) and although they will not always be of travel destinations, I hope I am able to share some sights that you may recognise, relate to or want to see for yourself (if not then just pretending you are interested will be greatly appreciated)
  • Travel to Santorini. There are several other places I want to go to this year, but Santorini is a must. I have been wanting to go there for years now and therefore it just has to be done.

So, to start things off here is today’s photo.

Dia Uno // Day 1.                                                                            A walk along Sandgate Seafront consisted of views across Moreton Bay and finished with a lovely coffee.

Thanks for reading x



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